Men are allowed to think body hair is unattractive

Women are allowed to think body hair is unattractive

Men and women are not allowed to tell other people how they should groom themselves just because of what they find personally attractive

"Eye contact is a dangerous, dangerous thing. But lovely. God, so lovely."(via coyotegold)

Dipper and Mabel from Gravity Falls.  Mabel wears practically a different sweater every episode, so I picked the one that she wears in the theme song.  Dipper’s hat is the same shape as Fix-It Felix’s, and it has the pine tree embroidered onto it but the bill gets in the way in this picture.
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aw thumper and august this morning in my bed, i adore them so much

The Princess Diaries (2001)
Old friends ask to catch up


And it’s like… Dude, you’re awesome and we get along really well

But my life is nauseatingly complicated and I can’t talk to you about depression and my misuse of prescription drugs and my eating disorder and anxiety and trauma and abuse and overdoses and self harm…